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September 22, 2014
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Welcome to Idaho Book & School Supply, one of the leading suppliers of educational materials in the west. We offer complete lines of educational products from leading suppliers around the country. We provide educational supplies including math, science, social studies,language arts and lesson plans as well as teacher resources,home schooling supplies, room decorations, games and so much more.
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Featured Product:

Month-by-Month Phonics and Vocabulary...

SKU: CD104241
Category: Phonics, Reading & Vocabulary,

Help upper-grade students read and understand multisyllabic words and morphemes, build vocabulary, and learn spelling strategies. Lessons cover what to teach, how to teach, and when to teach the Working with Words Block in fourth-grade classrooms. Supports the Four-Blocks Literacy Model.

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Featured Product:

Forecast and Weather Nonfiction Science ...

SKU: CTP5739
Category: Readers, General Science,

Invite young readers to step inside the world of earth and space science with Inside Science Readers.People have always been fascinated by the weather. Changes in the weather are not as unpredictable as many people may think. Find out how to forecast the weather—using science! Part of a 24-book series that covers the four main branches of science—physical science, life science, earth and space science, and science and technology, and covers essential content standards. Students will build their scientific knowledge, increase their content vocabulary, and sharpen critical nonfiction comprehension skills. Books are 6 5/8 " x 9 1/8 "

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